About Us

Swiss Relief Association was founded by two international high school students with the aim to provide humanitarian assistance in the aftermath of COVID-19 Pandemic. The duo grew Swiss Relief to a little humanitarian association consisting of a team of fifteen active volunteers. We are based in Zug, Switzerland near Zurich, Switzerland, and our team can speak over twelve different languages.

Our focus is social issues and education-related projects, you can discover our on-going projects by clicking this.

Executive Board | Finance (Manuel) -  Marketing (Sara) - Operations (Paolo)


Manuel T. Werner


Director of Finances

Speaks: German, English, French


Paolo C. Gheorghiu


Director of Operations

Speaks: English, Italian, German, French



We're always looking for fellow high school students to join our volunteering experiences in Zug, Switzerland, and Milan, Italy. Alternatively, we have some work that can be done remotely. Fill in the form below and contact us at

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