Secret Santa Project | Milan, Italy


December 21, Zug, Switzerland, Swiss Relief Association partnered with the Salvation Army Milan to facilitate the distribution of food bags to 50 low-income families (approx. 200 people). The food bags contained three variants of pasta, tomato sauce, two freshly baked focaccias, one loaf of bread, one bottle of water, and a 25 EUR carrefour gift card.

Swiss Relief Association also independently gathered statistics through a short a survey conducted by Swiss Relief Volunteers to some benefactors, as we did not want any strings attached to the food-bags as an independent relief association. Our local experienced partner on this project was the Salvation Army Milan, which secured half of the funding for gift-cards, a distribution facility excited volunteers and found 50 low-income families in the district.

The project the aim was to bring food relief to low-income families, allowing them to lift the the burden of purchasing food for the week of Christmas, allowing them to purchase other essential goods or non-essentials for Christmas day.

Our independent survey results and analysis will be published soon.