Mgahinga Library


Mgahinga, Uganda

Swiss Relief x Omushana Sunshine For Children UK | Project Date: Feb. 2022 - Feb. 2023

Project Description

After supplying over a hundred books throughout a one-year partnership with Omushana Sunshine for Children UK. Swiss Relief Association has entered a new partnership, which enables over 200 kids to have access to reading material after one of the longest COVID-19 lockdowns.

The new partnership seeks to give more opportunities to children in the rural village of Mgahinga, Uganda through the employment of two librarians, regular writing competitions and book reviews. Our team from Switzerland aims to collaborate with the local team to give an enhanced experience to encourage reading amongst kids.

Swiss Relief also aims to improve the library facility by adding more safety equipment such as a lighting conductor as well as more benches and tables to accommodate more kids. Starting February 2022, the Swiss Relief Association will cover all operational costs of the Mgahinga Community Library. Furthermore, we will assist the local team with decision making and receiving regular updates on our project progress.

Stats & Dates

  • Over 200 Kids Monthly Visiting
  • Over 100 Books

Upcoming Event

  • Writing Competition


Project Coordinator: Antonnete