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Bwindi Forest, Uganda

Swiss Relief x Omushana | Project Date : Oct. 2020 -  Feb. 2022

Project Description

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, citizens of less economically developed nations such as Uganda were severely affected as schools went into lockdown whilst students lacked basic necessities such as laptops, wifi connection or even books! Thus Swiss Relief Association partnered with Omushana Charity UK to provide "Book Boxes" to schools in rural Uganda to further enhance underprivilaged students knowledge creativity.

Goal: Raise funds to purchase or collect 500 second hand english children`s bookschildren`s books which will be donated to Ugandan schools!

Projected Budget: 2,000 CHF

We actively seeking donations via used English books (i.e animal guide) or funds to purchase books! We are actively seeking donations to purchase books and/or second-hand English children`s books.

Picture Above : Curesty of Omushana Sunshine for Child | First Swiss Relief Book Box at Swiss Relief x Omushana's supported Mgahinga Community Library

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Check out our official partner charity, British registered Omushana, Sunshine For Children