Comedor De Quito


Quito, Ecaudor

Swiss Relief x Foundation Cottolengo  | Project Date: October. 2022 - October. 2024

Project Description

Since having partnered with Cottolengo, Swiss Relief runs two food banks in Ecuador, where a total of 4300 meals to date have been served. We are proud to say that we run the largest foodbank in Northern Quito.

Our mission in Ecuador is to provide food and meals to hungry people who may go to bed on an empty stomach had there not been third-party help. During our visit to Ecuador in November, we spoke to the priest, the nuns and the locals to see if we could improve the project and how and in which way we may expand our presence in Quito.

UPDATE: More text coming soon


--> Largest Food Bank in North Quito

--> Impact on 420 Indidivuals


Project Chief: Paolo


Project Coordinator: Deon