Education Relief


Location TBA

Swiss Relief x TBA | Projected Date: Spring/Summer 2021

Project Description

Education is key to a nation's development; Swiss Relief strongly believes that there is a the crisis with literature rates and students' access to technology in Central Africa and eastern Europe. Therefore, we have the "Book Box" project providing underprivileged kids in Africa book, jointly with our British NGO partner.

Then we have "School Box" which's objective is to narrow the digital divide within rural schools. The solution is a box with tablets connected to the internet which allows students and teaches to have wider access to online-researches and knowledge. The nature of this project is quite costly; thus, it is currently in the planning / early funding phase.

However, at a later stage, we are planning on providing 40-100 tablets to rural under-funded schools. The location is TBA, potentially in Romania.

If you would be interested to know more about this project or potentially supporting it, drop us an email at with subject "DIGITAL DIVIDE PROJECT"