Equality is one of the most important and fundamental aspects of a developed society. Unfortunately, two major forms of inequality still prevail today in form of racism and sexism. Swiss Relief Association is addressing these two key issues with a project that aims to combat inequality in today's society. The project includes the analysis of concrete cases of inequality collected on online forums and our website. Based on this analysis, solutions are found to fight inequality in the Zug area.

Swiss Relief Association works to combat stereotypes that promote inequality among people through information campaigns in local schools. Swiss Relief Association has set itself the goal of hanging over 150 information posters in various schools, on the one hand with the aim of presenting an open ear to incidents of inequality, and on the other hand to combat stereotypes associated with racism and sexism.

In addition, Swiss Relief Association is running a fundraising campaign that will raise money for innovative projects to fight racism and sexism. Donations for this campaign are highly appreciated and can be accepted by the Swiss Relief Association via credit card payment or bank transfer according to the instructions below.

Our Dedication

Swiss Relief Association aims to spread awareness through the distribution of over 150 informative posters which will be displayed at local schools.


Swiss Relief Association supports innovative projects to combat racism and sexism through a fundraising campaign held online and at future events.


Swiss Relief Association compiles an independent study from the anonymous event reports that illuminates the problems of sexism and racism.

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